Our Past Journey : Our Present Possibilities 

Our Past Journey : Our Present Possibilities 


Matthew 1:1-2, 5-6, 11, 16-17
Genealogy of Jesus
Descendants of Jesus
Meaning of their own history
The people of Israel looked to their past for their purpose
Exile.. in Babylon
Under foreign power
Their meaning of their history is not in the past but in the present
The importance of recording the 42 generation was to bring us to the birth of Christ
We are formed and identified by our history by where the lord has taken us as a church/individual. 
Meaning of our history is determined by the present and where our history has brought us
Celebrations always centers on what God has done. 

We owe who we are to our past

Jesus never let his disciples dwell on what had already been done but turned their attention to the possibilities at hand and ahead. 
Their purpose was not to be defined by where they were but where they were going

Let that past be something that moves us to possibitilies that are to come. 

Our Mission : We have a responsibility to the next generation, to our older pple, to the community around us and the world beyond us.

Possible 21

You know – when you get to a certain age, there’s usually new turns that just either make you give up, give in to circumstances or move on and stay positive either thinking it’ll get better or ignoring facts of how life is unraveling; Some people opt to stay in a comfort zone that just drains them for the rest of their lives while others wake up and slay smart. 

We all have our experiences at a certain age. Turning 21 has opened a whole door of possibilities, come to think of it.

Starting 21 for many I’ve encountered in my life has not been a smooth sail.. just because of decisions they either way made unconsciously or consciously during their adolescent years. 

Sometimes people think that when they get to a certain age they’ll have accomplished a few bucket lists but they end up hurting themselves cause of the many set targets they put that they couldn’t achieve because of excuses or situations that they couldn’t handle though for others that doesn’t happen.

Getting things in order when you are in a particular age where you have to take the responsibility on your own; can get challenging at times due to the things that can pile up. But this doesn’t mean it’s the end.. possibilities are accomplished when the storm is on its high. That last minute action will determine whether you’ll soar above. 

It’s hard when one grows up but the journey is worth every microcell growing. With growth comes responsibility and more so possibility. 

Some of the things I would like to remind my ageing self is that;

  • There’s always time to get up and get going
  • Don’t make life hard for yourself just because you see time is flying so bad
  • Create good environment for others that way yours will be good too
  • Enjoy yourself; eat up; friends become family 
  • Don’t do things because it’s a necessity, do it as though for God with all your heart, mind and soul. 
  • Drink lots of water. It helps. 
  • Learn to forgive and give up to bad habits
  • Seek God. He’s always been your friend. 

Looking at the possibilities of my 21.. whoa!! God has proved true. I can say it’s His favour and amazing grace. I’ve never seen my life lack that which is needful for my living.When you focus on God, and choose to walk in righteousness through His spirit.. I can assure you that all will be well and God will cause the impossible to be possible because He sees you. He’s always there whenever you call on Him. 

So, thinking of my possible 21; man… there’s a lot; Understanding this season that I’m in and grabbing hold of every opportunity that it can bring will definitely assist when I get overwhelmed.

Cheers to growing an year older.

A message to someone; Your  21  is very much possible, you can dream, you can accomplish all those things you desired. Time is always on your side when you plan well. Be positive

Just Because He Likes You Doesn’t Mean He Wants To BE With You


The dating culture of the 21st century has evolved into one giant twisted and messed up game.

I don’t know if our relationship will ever extend beyond texting or if you talk to me just to hold onto the hope of sleeping with me. We may get married, or our first date might make us want to run for the hills. You might meet my parents, or maybe we’ll make out once at the bar and then awkwardly smile at each other on campus the next day. You might ask for my number but never text me, despite my desperate attempts to talk to you.

Maybe we’ll fall in love or maybe we’ll fall back into the title of complete strangers. I’m not sure what you’ll be to me, but I want you to read this anyway.

I bet we aren’t each other’s firsts, and we probably won’t be each other’s lasts. We’ve probably already experienced our first kiss, first love, first heartbreak, first everything. My emotions aren’t as innocent and raw as they once were.

Life has changed me and it has changed how I am going to look at you. 

By Beth Cormack orginal post on YourTango



Have you ever heard the phrase “I’m not satisfied?” 

Many at times, you’ll most likely not hear this said but you’ll see it from actions people do. It’s quite funny when one has everything and I mean everything to just be happy and live life.

See, there’s usually this term that people have very well made a notion about and it cuts deep through when you think about it and that is God helps those who help themselves. Okay Okay, I have a question on this.. how’s this possible for let’s say a homeless man?? 

We really need to question ourselves; because lets face it, one doesn’t need a fancy house and cars and an unimaginable dream life to know that one has it all – if you’ve got a home to return to at the end of the day, a bed to sleep in and a meal to eat.. then for this you should be grateful and giving thanks. 

Life has it’s turns on everyone and it can’t go all alright if we ourselves don’t live a righteous one. You know tit for tat is a fair game, right.. you have to be good (not for your sake but for your neighbors sake and your neighbor for his or her neighbor and by doing so every one will be looking out for the other persons interest not only of their own. 

It surely takes a lot to be arrogant but it takes a kind gesture from one’s heart to unmark a vice that was rooted in someone’s mind

Being ungrateful comes from insufficiency from within oneself and that causes a lot of things to one’s own well being and the opposite of this statement is true because when you’re complete within how then will you dare be ungrateful? It always starts from within then it goes out. 

I’ll say this as I close; one needs to look in himself or herself and find their identity. Recognizing this will make you relate well with people around you; even that man who sits on the streets on your way to work or across the mall or at the diner outside. 

It’s never about self gratitude but other people’s as well. 


Funny how, when you want to start something new you have all this ideas coming in your head but not enough resources to utilize or so you think.

I recall back in July last year when I thought of getting a website..  it felt impossible 😥 and I had reached the edge in my life.

I was desperate for change (bad change), I was rushing through everything and juggling between school and work and my social life. It didn’t matter what was going on, I just wanted events to happen and faster. It got hard on a particular moment where I was forcing myself to buy gadgets with my low budget savings that I had earned a couple months before and I just didn’t care.. I wanted everything to fit in. Since it didn’t work as planned, I felt I was not good enough to accomplish my set goals.

Finally, I recollected myself and gave myself a retreat to help ease my speed in life (I’m not saying this is what someone would do but it was worth it, people). I enjoyed my time out, I read a lot, I managed to rejuvenate my energy of life and the story goes on and on…. yadiyadiyada

Okay.. so right now as I type, you’ll all realize that it’s not about what you don’t have but using what you got and you’ll find that you’re at peace with yourself and that life will move on no matter what stage of contentment you’re in.

This said, I’d like to acknowledge a few friends who didn’t know their role in this season I was but nonetheless helped me grow in and out of it. I appreciate you. 

Sometimes in this life all we need is just some peace and quiet to help journey through it all