What about Jesus Christ?

Can I just speak about Jesus for a couple minutes, I don’t know why it’s hard for a person in my age bracket to just acknowledge who God is anywhere. Is it really that hard? or Are you just afraid of what society will think of you?

In this day and time, I bless God because there has been a separation and a generation where God has put in the hearts a call(burden) to speak out boldly of His Gospel.

One of the many things God has really pressed on in my heart and spirit is service. It’s been hard on my part thinking on where he wants me to serve. Funny enough, earlier as I was meditating on Gods will; a friend shared a sermon which has touched my heart and spoken depths to me on the theme service.(I’ll link it below) 


A question that has been lingering in my mind since I finished hearing the sermon was; 

Am I really ready to be an aid and servant? Many times I just want to be recognized for the gifting I have truth be said and It involves less of God and more of what I am able to do. Sometimes I imagine if I was leading or if I was doing this or that before a large number of people. (leading has a lot of work) Crazy, that’s all what I thought. But, after I watched this sermon; the holy spirit convicted me and I was guilty of the selfish ambition and gains that I wanted. God was just telling me simply that it’s not about me or the gift but of the others he’s sent me to reach out to.

A question I’ve heard people ask is; If not me, who else? But they don’t phrase it right it’s rather if not me then most definitely it will be someone else. God is not a respecter of persons. If he’s assigned you and you say no then he’ll bring up someone else who’ll do that same task you couldn’t do.

My friend, narrow your identity in God and stop looking at things from your tiny illusion and perspective. It’s hard to really just step out. Many are the plans and desires of our heart and yes, God is the executor but he’ll not come down from heaven and tell you, get up get going.. It’s you to take that step of faith and get up. When you finally realize who you are in God. You’ll not care of what the world thinks. You’re not of this world anyway. But you’ll care about the lives God has put on your heart to reach out to. You’ll care about the gospel and the truths it speaks to your very lives and others. Its then that you realize that being a servant, an aid is the most important thing you have. It’s there that you learn and grow, It’s there that you discover your true potential, it’s there that you are taken deeper in knowledge and understanding of God, My Father. My daddy. And nothing will take this revelation from you. Nothing.

I want to live what I speak in Christ, it’s hard? Many say this, I’m sorry but that’s the devil trying to confuse you. God only said it’s not going to be easy NOTE he did not say hard. When you are thriving in your spirit, the devil hates it. He wouldn’t want to see you prosper in the things of God. That’s where you stand up and your faith in God and the word of God really have to take its course and you declare that indeed man cannot live by bread alone but by every word spoken from the mouth of God. That’s where you declare, the devil is a liar and his words are null and void. That’s where you declare that you are a child of the most high, no demon in hell or man on earth can say anything against you because God is with you and he has the final say over you.

It’s really simple, friend. It’s believing. It’s walking in the light you have been called to. Its commanding your steps day by day in Christ and saying there’s no greater than he who is in me.

I desire God, I am no perfect than any of you. But my greatest desire is to grow and be rooted so deep in God that no wind can move me. 

We need to wake up from this dillusion of I am here, I have to do my things, God is not coming soon, I can plan my things and oh, I still have time to do all sorts of my bucket list. 

It’s a call for repentance, we are not in a good time. We need to submit, surrender and remember God has given you a choice to live right.

God bless you.


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