Leah’s week is over


Reading through Genesis 29:27-30

The Lord spoke very clearly though at first I couldn’t understand what was being said I know He meant for me to search out.. 

The understanding I have on fulfilling her week, gives me that idea of its time to work on what The Lord has given into us but as we dwell on this lets learn to serve where we have ability. 

This can be a ministry one has been called into; someone might want to ask.. but how should I know where I have been assigned? For this reason I’d like to ask, is serving anywhere an assignment? 

When we go into God’s word we will tend to see from His perspective on how we should go about serving Him in His Church. Nonetheless, let God’s manifestations through The Holy Spirit work in you through that service.

As I say, I do not know where my assigned ministry is but as I work upon the service I chose to offer; God speaks and through His word, a calling, a pastor or even situations God will place you where you are intended to be. He is the one who knows the plans He has for us, He says so in Jeremiah but it is for a king to search out this matter (Proverbs 25:2)

Let it then be that when God asks, “my child where have you given me time to manifest?” Let Him find you serving your week so that your Rachel may find you fulfilling that week. Praise be to Our Lord God for the understanding. 

♡ Patricia Green ♡

Brief Notes

Vs 30 “Into” ——- when you go deeper into Gods word or service or ministry you’ll love it more because it’s what you desired more so than what you had known before. 

Vs 29 “Helper” —— Laban gave Rachel a hand maid Bilhah – a person who will teach her the ways of how to go about the commitment she was entering into. 

Though the name Bilhah has another meaning; she was one of the four arch mothers of Israel. And due to her elderly state she was assigned by Laban to help Rachel in this time.

Vs 28 “willingness” ——-   Jacob was willing to serve in order to attain Rachel. 


4 thoughts on “Leah’s week is over

  1. The bible tells us that we must work out our ways into what we need.God knows our value,He knows our price n He releases the Best as our tool of victory.Jacob received Rachel bcoz he believed he deserved,he was time n again faced with hurdles,it was work for many years,he worked hard in the fields,But God never fails,He finally rewarded Jacob.
    Note: our prayer like can seem in vain,the answers might seem to take eternity,but God is faithful,He answers…

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  2. I hope to start reading my Bible daily but i have to change some stuff up ’cause routine does not work for me long. Think i’ll start with first Corinthians and go from there choosing books randomly after that. To start from Genesis is a death trap for me. I will never finish.

    — Bless

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    1. Every one has their own way of tackling stuff. Just make sure as you read through Corinthians your heart is open to receive God’s word, accept and welcome His Spirit to work in you through what you read. Thank you
      God bless you too.

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